Virus on Facebook - you can do

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Virus on Facebook - you can do

fight infection before are paralyzed computer Gerd Altmann / Pixelio

To prevent a virus problem on Facebook

A virus that does not even end up on your computer is the best way not to allow further problems arise in the first. But what you can do to prevent the virus does not reach you on Facebook? easy reading:

  • The most important rule in the Internet is also on Facebook: Think twice before you click! If you get a message from a friend, asking you to watch a video, clicking a link or the like, check first if the message was actually written by the friend. Often, you notice the quite easily to the text that was sent to you. If in doubt, go to "safe": Speak to your Facebook friend.
  • Even with social networks - or just about - there are some black sheep who apparently enjoy it to spread viruses, Trojans and worms. Caution should be used not only with various links. Even applications as they exist in abundance, can be dangerous. Be careful especially when completely new games and other applications on Facebook and check once, as many use this application.
  • Regularly check one of the many virus & spam Info pages on Facebook. To be forewarned in case. "Warning: Virus warning" is a page on which Facebook users warn each other.
  • Recently a sensible rule that you should generally heed the Internet: Use a virus scanner and always pay attention to the fact that the data is current. Typically, you receive several times a day new virus information - check daily so your virus scanner for possible updates.

What you can do with Virus Infection

If the problem is only then, most preventive measures no longer help, then you need to take action. And you can do:

  1. Warn your friends on Facebook by a "status-message" that they should not click on links you because you have a virus problem on which you are working. Many viruses ship completely automatically via your Facebook address. Now check whether Windows updates are available and install them.
  2. Then you have to purchase an anti-virus program. Very good anti-virus programs, please contact Norton or Kaspersky. But it is also free, for example, with AntiVir.
  3. Start the installation, look for the latest updates (if possible also that you should install) and then disconnect the Internet connection. Now restart your computer.
  4. Then open its new anti-virus program and run a full scan. This will take depending on your computer system and the amount of data of different lengths on the hard drives.
  5. The virus programs offer direct ways to send the virus in quarantine or delete completely. Then you should once again checked your system, whether the virus or viruses were actually removed.
  6. Now you can re-connect to the Internet and give the all clear at Facebook. The problem should be resolved. If on the page "Warning: Virus Warning" no indication of the found at your virus spreads through Facebook find, you can also write here a warning.

In addition to Windows and your virus program you should keep all other programs frequently used on your PC with updates up to date. Hackers continue to find new ways to find vulnerabilities on your computer. With these tips, you are sure not only on Facebook go.

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