visit Schloss Eckberg in Dresden - Here's how

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visit Schloss Eckberg in Dresden - Here's how

Schloss Eckberg - a jewel worth of Dresden. Anschi / Pixelio

Information about Schloss Eckberg

  • Schloss Eckberg is many visitors to the city even as pioneer palace in memory.
  • After the political changes, it was bought by a Munich-based company and converted into a luxury hotel with associated parking facilities. also belongs to the hotel itself still a cavalier house where guests can stay a little cheaper.
  • Today, visitors have the chance to stay in modern apartments.
  • On various occasions, special arrangements are available. So guests can, for example, Valentine's Day at Schloss Eckberg enjoy, but also visit the famous Dresden Opera Ball.
  • The hotel Schloss Eckberg also includes a restaurant and a wine cellar. These two devices, you can visit, and of course if you are a guest of the hotel.

An interesting gem of Dresden

  • From Eckberg castle you have a wonderful view of the Elbe and the historical ambience of Dresden.
  • On the website of Dresden you can download a guide to the three Elbe, which in addition Albrechtsberg Castle and Villa Stockhausen (in some places than Lingnerschloss called), also Schloss Eckberg heard book. Here you will learn about their history, but also on the current use of the building. And enjoy in the migration wonderful views of the Dresden Elbe Valley, which was part of the World Heritage Site until recently. Of course, you also have the possibility to book more trips to this website and pay in advance.
  • Garden lovers and flower enthusiasts, but also amateur photographers will discover many interesting details in the park of the castle Eckberg. These include beautiful flower arrangements, but also a number of stone figures. Let yourself be surprised.
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