Visual loss - is an informative and note value

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Visual loss - is an informative and note value

Many older people just need a pair of sunglasses.

What is a visual impairment

Visual acuity means "prescription". A visual loss is correspondingly reducing those.

  • In medicine, the prescription among ophthalmologists is a so-called quantifiable extent. You can perceive your environment through the prescription of your eyes. If there is a reduction of vision, this must be double checked by an ophthalmologist.
  • Go for a weakness of your eyes to an eye doctor, it is only once the goal is to improve visual acuity. It is also aimed to find out why you can no longer look so good.
  • But do not confuse the visual range with visual acuity. Experts say also Eye Relief or Normsehweite which is set to 250 millimeters. A reference is important is thus, for example, defined with a magnifying glass of magnification.
  • What is the vision depends in a human? Firstly, the resolution of the eye is important. This is the smallest perceptible distance that your eyes can see.
  • Secondly, the picture quality on your retina is important. That is, this is the so-called image quality of your eye. This quality is determined by factors including the cornea and the lens.
  • For vision come the optical properties of an object and its surroundings. This allows you to recognize colors, brightness and contrast.

What should you do with a visual impairment

You should definitely at a loss of visual acuity (visual impairment) consult an ophthalmologist.

  • If there is a reduction of vision, this can be triggered by a simple cold even at short notice. So by infection or inflammation. This means that you will achieve your vision after the infection.
  • However, it is important to clarify this. This is checked by so-called optotypes with your ophthalmologist. These are, for example, on a wall projected, among other things by changing the size of characters. There are DIN standards.
  • So that your ophthalmologist can determine whether a visual impairment is present, it will examine whether the refractive error is correctable. This call experts ametropia. This means that your eye doctor checks to see if there is a functional cause of visual impairment or an organic.
  • Ametropie means "mismatch". The ratio, for example, the short or wide view in conjunction with the optimal visual acuity of the retina is no longer given. If there is an organic vision, the eyeball can no longer perform its optimal function.
  • There are refractive errors that can be corrected, for example, with a visual aid (glasses or contact lenses). Thus, the "mismatch" to restore your eye - for example, farsightedness or nearsightedness.

In any case, you should at a low vision the way to the eye doctor to take. A pair of glasses can also be attractive.

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