Voice off - which quickly helps cold?

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Voice off - which quickly helps cold?

Sage tea is suitable for gargling.

If the voice is gone

  • If your voice is gone, the important thing is what helps quickly and absolutely should be respected by you not to whisper. Since it may be in the missing voice to laryngitis, situated within this vocal cords are very highly stressed by whisper. If you want to say something, please record your message instead.
  • Your vocal cords are irritated addition, if you also suffer from a cold and your nose is closed. Breathe only through the mouth, the cold outside air into the nose can not be warmed and moistened; also foreign substances easily penetrate through the mouth. These two circumstances your already stressed vocal cords will continue to suffer. If your voice is gone, you should ensure by means of nasal irrigation, inhalations or a decongestant nasal spray that your nose is free.
  • Thus, the mucous membranes of the throat and other respiratory tract are always moisturized enough, you just need during a cold, and when the voice is gone, drink plenty of fluids. Two to three liters of warm tea or water helps to ensure that the voice is coming quickly.
  • As tea is suitable for hoarseness as thyme or currant leaves. Both have proven themselves in inflammation and hoarseness. Drink one such tea in small sips, you run slowly down the neck.

What helps you quickly

  • Is the voice off, it is possible that you have to live a few days with this condition. It does not help to be quickly reactivated possible. Take the time you need to be healthy.
  • Inhale is recommended for laryngitis. You can use saline, which has a slightly disinfecting effect. It is possible also to inhale with eucalyptus oil; However, you have to be careful with this is that the vapors do not get into your eyes and cause irritation.
  • Pleasant it if you make a potato wrap is. To do this, boil a few potatoes in their jackets. When they are cooked, mash the unpeeled potatoes with a fork and place the coarse porridge on a clean cloth which wrap a packet. This lie down on the neck and secure it with a scarf.
  • Sage has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. With cooled sage you can gargle several times a day. A sage candy in between helps quickly when the voice is gone and to have pain and scratching disappear in the neck.

Get well!

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