Volcano structure - so you tell him your students

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Volcano structure - so you tell him your students

Explaining the volcanic structure, is not difficult.

Why is there any volcanoes?

If you tell your students the volcanic structure, it is important to proceed step by step and so to divide the subject into small packets of information. This might look like this:

  • In the Earth's interior, it is very hot, it is assumed that a temperature around 5000 ° C. In this heat the Erdgestein liquefied. This is known as magma.
  • Since the pressure inside the earth is very large, the magma is pushed outwards, towards the earth's crust. It accumulates at a depth of up to 50 kilometers in the so-called magma chambers. The temperature of the liquid rock is here still about 1000 ° C or more.
  • Since there is also within the magma chamber big pressure, "tries" the molten rock, to find a way to the surface. When the rock layers are porous or cracked he succeeds when the pressure is great enough.
  • In the moment in which the magma, which is called from this time lava breaks through the earth's surface, there is a volcanic eruption. If the pressure in the underground magma chamber has subsided, he comes to a standstill.

It looks like a volcanic structure of

  • The volcanic structure is simple. In the depths there is a magma chamber. From it a magma blazes towards the surface. Where it becomes apparent, is the volcano.
  • If your students say that volcanoes but mountains are and how it is that always ausbrächen mountains, although the road for the magma was still so longest, you can give a logical answer: volcanoes are not really mountains, by the encounter tectonic plates have arisen. They create a lot more even. The volcano consists of lava flows namely previous outbreaks. Each volcanic eruption makes the volcano so slightly higher.
  • The shape of the volcano depends the way on how viscous the lava, he spews. Whereby yet, is to call the special shape of the caldera, the volcanic crater. Such crater formed when the volcano during the eruption wegsprengt its own tip.
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