Vouchers: Validation by law - important information

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Vouchers: Validation by law - important information

Vouchers have a long validity period by law.

Determining the validity of vouchers by law

  • Note that certificates are documents that provide you with a claim to power. This performance can be a real asset or service.
  • Who has been given vouchers, should consider whether a validity on the back on the first coupon. Often you will find this in small print on the back of the vouchers.
  • You should know that coupons expire after basically by law in the general statute of limitations. Consequently, they are valid for three years. One begins to calculate the three years from 31 December of the year of issue.
  • The limitation period by law governs in principle the validity of all vouchers.

Find out more about redeeming vouchers

  • Who will receive vouchers, should know that the stores are not obliged to pay the value in cash.
  • Buy now something that is below the amount of the coupon value, so you get the remaining amount credited back. If you contrast the amount paid in cash, so this is only grace.
  • Always follow have the validity, for the vouchers by law. They have by law a validity period of three years - starting from the 31.12 year of issue.
  • Do you want to buy a higher property value and use the vouchers, so you only need to pay the outstanding amount.
  • Coupons that are not issued to a specific person can be transmitted. You can continue to give, even if something is rude towards the Schenker consequently.
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