Walk-in closet - Instructions

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Walk-in closet - Instructions

You do not need - Rigips enough.

Your bedroom is large enough to actually find not only a meter long, ordinary wardrobe in place, but you could no less than divide up a piece of the room to take advantage of the resulting space behind a walk-in closet? Then make the but. Here's a quick blueprint for you.

Your dressing - how large it should be

  • Well, it can be as great as the spatial situation, it will bear. You need a depth of at least 1.5 and a space width of at least 2.1 meters. Then you would at a full tripartite use an empty central area of ​​90x90 cm, but keep in mind that you still need to add a mirror in one of the three shelves / Cabinets.
  • If you want to use only two pages of "wardrobe interior life", provides your walk-in closet on the third wall still room for a dressing and it reaches a room size of at least 1.5 x 1.5 meters.
  • Of course, it is desirable if the room is all the greater - and usually can be realized, also, because if you can "cut" for example, your bedroom in width or length to 1.5 meters, then you've got the entire length or width of the room for your walk-in closet available.
  • As you walk-in closet is to be established, should not be subject here. You definitely need a shelving system with clothes rails, shelves, drawers, possibly removable wire baskets. If you do not want to build the inner life itself, but buy a simultaneity in measuring and deciding terms of the size of your wardrobe to be built walk recommends.
  • The possible amount of your interior is of course dependent on the room height, but the width of individual elements etc. can naturally fit very accurately - and perhaps should then be your optimum depth not 1.50 but 1.60 meters? Fairs and so expect beforehand, so you do not get angry later. Without plan and building instructions rather not start.
  • Remember necessarily a place for a large mirror and a container for dirty laundry. And maybe there your walk-in closet also a seating ago.

And now the blueprint

  1. If you have set all the measurements, you can get started. Starting with a complete separation of a piece of space, attach this planed as First square slats in the length of the subsequent registration page of your walk-in closet to the ceiling (drill, plug, screw).
  2. Use a Lot to define the lower position to be fastened to the floor slats. Screw these clamps.
  3. Between these two square slats Now build with angles of more longitudinal and transverse struts. Their distances are dependent on the width of the sheetrock, you want to use for the new wall - always where the plates abut behind wooden slats must reside on which the plates can be screwed. For the stability of the wall itself but about every 50 cm is recommended in addition a bar.
  4. You can also follow the framework for your new wall is not completely build over the wall - your dressing finally needs a door / access. Fashion So with a plan, a drawing.
  5. are possible for the input different variants. If your closet resp. its depth allows it, you can by a relatively small door inside yet another storage space left and right to create it, otherwise you might get the input hold quite large, possibly each build right and left of only about one meter "wall" and later, for example, with a rail system and sliding panels or with sliding doors close the entrance.
  6. If according to your planning and the building instructions the skeleton finished, unscrew first on one side to the sheetrock. Plasterboard sheets are easy to cut and trim (anritzen with a utility knife, then break), so you can build the lintel above the door opening, etc. easily.
  7. After insertion of insulating material (mineral wool insulation boards or finished) screw on the other side against the sheetrock.
  8. Then you build a either the door frame and the door or screw on the upper transom of your receipt of the rail for your curtain system.
  9. Finally, fill in the gaps and your closet can be painted or papered over - whatever you want.

If the inner workings - levels not forget! - Have installed, your perfect dressing only still needed now is a proper lighting. Take definitely halogen lamps as they do not distort the colors of your clothes.

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