Wall breakdown - so growing your room

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Wall breakdown - so growing your room

Enlarge a room by a wall opening

Two become one - through a wall opening

If you want to make two small rooms, a large, helps only a wall opening. For this you have to first know if there is a load-bearing wall, because if this is the case, some other measures are still necessary, but which are to be discussed here today not. The wall is thus not supporting, since the work can thus begin.

  1. Armed with Measure, pencil and bubble level you zeichnt to the interfering wall the desired size of the wall breakthrough.
  2. Now you cut with the Flex the wall opening, as deep as it allows the disc before.
  3. Then you hit with a hammer while on a stone, until it falls out of the wall.
  4. The rest is now quite simple. It removes any stone individual, sometimes you luck, and drop it down whole rows.
  5. The wall breakthrough for space enlargement is now ready roughly. Now you have to vacate everything so that you have room for the finishing touches.
  6. After you set for better grip of the now disclosed stone layer a thicker board.
  7. Then the edges of the opening are plastered with a ready or even prepared mixture.

Design of the room after the wall opening

  1. After an appropriate drying time may be treated with the freshly plastered Makkulatur points now.
  2. Then you design the wall again with wallpaper or paint.
  3. Now the space enlargement is completed thanks to a wall breakthrough and can start setting up.
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