Wall shelf build yourself - Instructions

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Wall shelf build yourself - Instructions

To build a wall shelf fruit boxes himself.

To build a wall shelf itself

  • Obtain from your greengrocer old fruit stairs.
  • Clean the fruit boxes thoroughly and let the wooden boxes allow to dry.
  • Sand with coarse sandpaper dirty places plain on the wood of fruit crates. Then smooth by the fine abrasive paper.
  • Remove the sanding dust first coarsely with a hand brush or a large brush. Then then suck up the remaining dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Painting Now the Fruit Topped with the selected by you paint colors.
  • Apply the paint layers thin and painting the fruit stairs at least twice. Make sure that the first layer of paint must be completely dry before applying the second coat.

To attach your self-built Regal

  • Hold the fruit stairs to the points of the wall, where you want to later have the shelf. Align the wooden boxes with a spirit level straight out and mark the top with two subtle pencil lines.
  • Now drill the gimlet two small holes in the bottom of the fruit crate. Make sure that the holes are attached to the top right and top left.
  • Hold the fruit stairs now on the penciled on the wall location and mark the holes with the ballpoint pen.
  • Now drill with the drill holes in the wall, insert the dowels and screw in the box with the screws to the wall.

In this way you can add as many fruits stairs as you wish to install on the wall and also expand your Wall shelf as required more and more.

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