warm spinach twice? - You should base

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warm spinach twice?  - You should base

Remove the leaf veins.

Spinach - you should know

  • Spinach contains a lot of nitrate. If any longer, for example, can now be cooked spinach several hours or even overnight, then not only harmful bacteria can multiply, but also those which transform this nitrate into nitrite, which is harmful to health (cancer risk in the stomach by the formation of nitrosamines or reaction with hemoglobin, which then fails to carry oxygen in the blood - a particular risk for infants).
  • The propagation of these harmful microorganisms is time and temperature dependent, the longer spinach is repealed and the warmer this happens, the better to multiply these.

So spinach warm twice? - In principle, yes!

"Spinach not heat up twice!" So under certain conditions no absolute dogma, but only a health precaution.

  • Warm spinach radicals not twice as baby food but only for adults.
  • Come the proliferation of harmful bacteria before: Keep spinach radicals not warm, but cool them as quickly as possible from, for example, placing them immediately in the refrigerator. Even in the refrigerator, do not cancel spinach remains long, but consume soon. Heat the vegetables then before consumption well.
  • Also a (rapid) freezing spinach remains and immediate heating without long thawing is quite possible.
  • Reduce at the first preparation, the amount of nitrate in spinach. Select, whenever possible, organic spinach, the demonstrably less nitrate than conventional goods.
  • Cut thicker veins out, because they contain the largest amounts of nitrate.
  • Pour the cooking water away after blanching, it also contains a part of the present in spinach nitrate. Do not use it for the final preparation of vegetables.
  • And last but not least, you can prevent vitamin C formation of harmful nitrosamines in the stomach. So Drink a glass of orange juice to spinach meal or serve a fruit salad for dessert.
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