Wäschezeichen - "no spin" so you can recognize

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Wäschezeichen - "no spin" so you can recognize

Some material may not be thrown.

Wäschezeichen hot correctly laundry symbol

  • To anticipate the same: There is no washing sign that you "do not spin" announces. But that's why you need not despair because there is a clear path that opens up that piece of laundry you may throw and what not. it when you check a little about the laundry symbol (Wäschezeichen), and the corresponding washes is best. You will see that you realize very quickly that piece of laundry you should not spin.
  • Fundamentally you should first common washing functions such. As pre-wash, main wash, Spülgang- and spin function know. The functions "Rinse" and "Spin" are automatically connected to each main wash. However, something stronger or weaker depending on the nature of the main washing cycle. The "pre-wash" serves as a Einweichprogrammes for pre-cleaning heavily soiled and needs to be set separately if required. The automatic functions "Rinse" and "Spin" You can in commercial washing machines, depending on the piece of laundry, off accordingly or turn weaker.
  • The main wash cycle can be divided into the functions of cooking, colored, easy-care, fine program and partially programmed depending on machine wool program. When choosing the respective main wash cycle fabric type and color of the fabric play a role. The cooking program heats up to 95 degrees and usually closes with a 1800 revolutions / minute spin cycle. Cottons is washed with temperatures between 30-60 degrees. Depending on the machine spin cycle counts 1200-1400 revolutions / minute.
  • The easy-care program is a gentler Weichspülvorgang you should use for cleaning lightly soiled laundry. The spin cycle, depending on the machine model, be set at between 600-800 revolutions / minute. (Wool felting would significantly at 800 revolutions / minute!) Last but not least comes the fine-washing program for wool and silk, which can be set between 0-30 degrees. (Wool can already at 30 degrees and 600 revolutions / minute matted!) The Spin speed in fine washing program should be the manufacturer no more than 600 revolutions / minute set.
  • In general, it is always advisable to not to spin the fine wash program! (Note: For delicates you need a special detergent!) That automatically connected wash cycle requires the washer to rinse the detergent. Usually three rinses are carried out. The washing should fill the drum in the dry state only slightly so that they float in water and can be rinsed well.

These symbols indicate "no spin" on

To maintain tissue justice laundering, note that the spin at high revolutions may harm natural fibers, because depending on the processing of textiles (noble, valuable, exclusive) could have undesirable wrinkle effects, and surface damage may result. For this reason, may z. B. wool not be thrown. Check out before washing in any case the washing instructions in order to determine which fabrics you can not spin.

  • The European standard symbols indicate as follows: A tub-shaped with waves means that the fabric can be washed. Bleaching is allowed by the "triangle" and ironing by the symbol "Iron". In the dryer the fabric to the wash symbol "square with inner circle" may. Missing of the squared circle, you should dry "air dry" only. If you detect a circle, you will have to bring the laundry to the cleaners. So much for the general overview.
  • The symbol "tub" for "washing possible" may be supplemented by figures (95,60,30). These numbers indicate the washing temperature. The representation of a, the water grasping hand means: Caution - only suitable for hand washing! If the vat crossed by a cross that part must not be washed. Often in the case of a circle is next to it, which refers to professional cleaning. And now `s important: The" vat "may be provided with a continuous line. This line refers to the gentle cycle, which a somewhat elevated water level is good. Laundry which requires the delicate cycle should be as weak as possible thrown, so at most 800 revolutions / minute. there are two lines under the tub, it is the reference to the fine-washing program in which you should avoid the spin cycle, unless your machine is a special "wool spin" on. The symbol "two bars" can displayed in two ways be: two short lines adjacent to each other or two longer lines with each other.
  • There are textiles, but up to 60 degrees (Vat / 60) can be washed but no spinning tolerated. In that case, you will find two bars under the tub. Gentle cycle you should only weak or no spin, delicates never.
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