Wash A protection trousers properly - how it works

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Wash A protection trousers properly - how it works

A protection trousers and the remaining protective clothing must be regularly checked and replaced.

Frequent washing permanently damage the protective properties of protection trousers. Nevertheless, a wash every now and then, with heavy use also frequently necessary.

How to wash a protection trousers properly

  • To keep the wear low, wash your pants rather rare. After from 20 to 40 washings (depending on model) is on the average protective effect no longer be relied upon, and you have to buy a new pair of pants.
  • In principle, a brand protection trousers are subjected to various washes before the fibers actually damaged. The fibers then lose its elasticity and become matted. It may be that the protection trousers no longer a deep cut withstands. Let it not be important to dress in time a new.
  • Do not use the spin cycle. Spin provides for protection trousers are a particular strain. The violent forces the cut protection inlay can be visibly deformed, logically, that the pants so offers no protection.
  • In addition to eliminating the spin cycle, the wash temperature plays a role. Select the lowest possible temperature, slightly dirty enough a 40-degree wash for cleaning.

To dry the safety clothing

  • On the use of a dryer should not be added if there is enough time to dry. Wring the pants instead of short and dry them in a conventional manner.
  • If it is possible and ensure good ventilation, dry your protection trousers lying and not upside down. This type of drying is especially gentle on the cut resistant fibers.
  • The average protective effect is reduced, and of course with the first correct incision. Then you should replace the pants anyway. By washing the pants would eventually also damaged.
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