wash cloths and tea towels - Here's how hygienically

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wash cloths and tea towels - Here's how hygienically

Swabs us Spültücher by Color sort BirgitH / Pixelio

Clean cloths, dish towels and sponges regularly

In rags and dish towels sticks not only the visible so absorbed dirt, but also a lot of bacteria. This can multiply very well in moisture, and then accept amounts that can make you sick.

  • For hygienic reasons, you should disconnect swab after colors. So you can rags which they use for cooking different from those that you use in the bathroom taps and to clean the toilets.
  • Studies have shown that just often frolicking huge colonies of bacteria in Spülschwämmen. For this reason, you should wash not only cloths and tea towels regularly, but also give the sponges attention. Sponges are to buy in 10-packs for less than 2 euros. It is therefore no financial loss when disposing of old unsightly sponges and replace with new.
  • Although tea towels are not dirty, once you have wiped clean dishes with it, but washing a cotton cloth also is not a problem. If you do not want to wash after each use dish towels, you should but wide hinhängen to dry, so that here uncontrolled multiplication of bacteria is omitted.

Wash cleaning wipes ideally at 60 ° C

  • Kitchen linen cotton, dishcloths, cleaning cloths and sponges should be washed at 60 ° C. At this temperature, bacteria are killed.
  • If you use tea towels and cloths made of microfibre, they may not use fabric softener. (This is also otherwise not urgently needed).
  • Please save yourself and the use of laundry detergents disinfectant or sprays. The use of these remedies is completely unnecessary under normal hygienic conditions.

Your dishwashing brushes should be cleaned regularly. This is achieved in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher.

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