Washer stinks - what to do?

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Washer stinks - what to do?

A smelly washing machine must not be!

The washing machine "by the lack of turn"

  • It is advantageous durchzureinigen your washing machine from time to time.
  • To prevent deposits forming in the machine or mold sets.
  • Schimmel is the leading cause of unpleasant odor from the washing machine.
  • In the worst case, mold spores sat firmly on the supposedly freshly washed laundry and can then damage your health.

So your machine stinks ever again!

To already smelly washers rid of unpleasant odor or prophylactically to protect the washing machine against mold, a vinegar-soda cleaning liquid can be produced.

  1. Mix one liter cheapest vinegar with an EL washing soda.
  2. Ensure that possible soda lumps are dissolved.
  3. Pour a pint of vinegar and soda solution in the washing machine load for the prewash and the remaining liquid into the washing machine load of the main wash cycle.
  4. Place rags or old clothes in the washing machine drum and close it.
  5. Select the cooking wash program. Or, if you do not have a boil wash program, then select the wash program that offers the highest temperatures.
  6. Start the machine as usual.
  7. After the end of the program remove the laundry and leave the washing drum door and the washing powder charge always open. So the moisture can escape.

The textile stinks after cleaning for some time after vinegar. This fragrance evaporates but after a very short time during the drying process. On the contrary - the vinegar helps weichzuspĆ¼len the textiles. Therefore, this vinegar washing soda solution is ideally suited to be added also the regular wash regularly.

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