Waste disposal in the mailbox - so you protect yourself from

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Waste disposal in the mailbox - so you protect yourself from

Mailboxes are sometimes misused as trash.

Stand Up Against waste disposal by the neighbors

If your neighbor used your mailbox for waste disposal, then it means to confront him.

  • It is important though, that you are sure that he is. If you only have a suspicion or have heard about third parties that your neighbor is the culprit, to clear the air may possibly lead to bad moods in the house.
  • It is better if you catch the culprit in the act is. Try to narrow the approximate period in which the "assault" happened and then try to imagine the window (when the mailbox is out) or on the door. When it comes to dump garbage, then talk to your neighbors.
  • It is advisable that you losschimpfen not equal. Especially when it comes to an elderly neighbor, may be behind dementia or another disease, rather than bad faith.
  • Clarify what problem the neighbor with you and find a solution together.
  • If the neighbor be unreasonable, then you have no choice, turn as a lawyer.

"Abusing" stranger's mailbox as a trash can

If strangers use your mailbox for waste disposal, then you have a bad hand to address these.

  • Of course you can try to catch the culprit in the act, but even then it is difficult to prevent him from fact. If he wants to just annoy you will hardly find a common solution.
  • Even with an attorney you can not threaten, if you do not at least know the name of the "offender". Also a complaint against unknown will bring not much.
  • In this case, you need to protect themselves. It is good if you block the mailbox by closing the mail slot from the inside. But in this case, you must agree with the postman that he personally puts the letters in front of your door or einschmeißt with a neighbor you trust.
  • You can also try to get from the caretaker that mailbox to be hung in the hallway.
  • Another option is to add itself to another mailbox. If your a big slot or even a door, so is a mailbox with a narrow slit advisable.
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