watch Bundesliga free on the Internet - how it works legally

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watch Bundesliga free on the Internet - how it works legally

Tracing the Bundesliga via live streams is possible by legal means.

The Bundesliga stream

Many Bundesliga matches are only seen live if you are in possession of a subscription to Sky. Summaries experience in the ARD during the broadcast sports program and in actual gym at ZDF.

However, if you have no TV and no Sky, you will find a wide range of streaming services on the Internet. These offer free live streams and require sometimes merely downloading certain programs like Sopcast. However, these services are not legal, because the provider does not have the necessary rights. Therefore, refrain from such services.

Track Football legally on the Web

The rights for live broadcasts of the Bundesliga are the British broadcaster Sky. However, you have the opportunity to view two transmissions at the ARD legal. These are the opening matches of the return round. About the ARD library you see the games live on the Internet.

The provider Sky offers a paid subscription also the possibility of the matches of the Bundesliga to stream live on the Internet. About Sky Go look at the games while on the move on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Additional summaries They also receive a subscription to Image Plus. Approximately one hour after the end of the game you will find here summaries and reports to the games.

Alternatives to Stream

If you are not willing to spend money on live broadcasts, put on radio coverage on the Internet. On or each play is commented.

Are you primarily interested in the major events of the game, take a look at the scores of various portals. Sites like or provide a detailed report on each game.

Notes on free TV via Internet

Certainly you will find it tempting to save a lot of money for a subscription and play with the idea to switch to free transfers. However, you can get here an offense. The legal requirements for streaming are not quite clear. What is certain is that you move in a gray area and your possible ignorance you no excuse.

Let mainly the fingers from downloading programs like Sopcast. To avoid future sanctions, avoid illegal streaming services most fully. As you can see, you find enough ways to follow the Bundesliga without various portals.

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