Water pox - you should know

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Water pox - you should know

Chickenpox are typically a childhood disease.

Find out more about chickenpox

  • The chickenpox are transmitted by the varicella zoster virus.
  • A few decades ago were the water pox at the typical teething. Depending on how old you are, you are probably ill or are already among the generation that has been vaccinated against chickenpox.
  • Water pox are highly contagious. You can not do much to protect yourself or your child from the virus actually. First, the viruses are spread by coughing, sneezing, or the like, on the other hand, the varicella zoster virus flying through the air and spread this way.
  • Since the disease is already contagious, although you can still see any symptoms on patients, it is sometimes hard for you to steer clear of people affected.
  • Are you or your child but healthy and the immune system strong enough you need before the chickenpox usually have no fear, because serious complications occur only rarely.
  • The situation is different if your immune system is weakened. Do you have cancer, are in treatment with cortisone or have a chronic disease, the disease is possibly stronger and complications also occur.
  • Are you pregnant, you must also be very careful, because your unborn child's life would be in danger of infection. Depending on the time of infection may be a threat to your life.
  • Although it is rare, but as an adult you can fall ill with chicken pox, which then run often heavier than in childhood. So it is in adults to stronger skin symptoms and a greater risk of complications: meningitis, pneumonia and infections of the liver are possible.
  • Have you lived through the disease once, you can generally ill a second time.

Recognizing the chickenpox

  • Has your child been infected, you notice once nothing. After an average of two weeks, your child will then show mild flu symptoms.
  • On the whole body then form bubbles that burst and form a crust. Since, these skin lesions at various stages, one speaks of a "starry sky".
  • The blisters itch, sometimes significantly. If you can prevent your child by means of distraction or drugs it to scrape the water pox blisters heal without scarring.
  • While you or your child are after such infection against chickenpox immune, but the virus remains in your body and attach themselves to spinal nerves, where they hold virtually unnoticed a kind of hibernation.
  • Is your immune system in adulthood by stress, illness or other circumstances weakened, the virus can wake up and trigger a shingles, nerve tissue inflamed in which.
  • Depending on which strand nerve is affected, the disease displays a skin area, which is supplied by the nerve.
  • That skin you feel pain, you feel tired and exhausted. Then form the corresponding skin area filled blisters that break and heal. As these bubbles are grouped frequently, like a belt, one speaks of the shingles. After some two to four weeks, the shingles is over.
  • Children and adults who are not yet infected with the chickenpox or have not received a vaccination can be infected through the shingles because the virus is in the contents of fracturing bubbles.
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