Water works - what to consider?

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Water works - what to consider?

Water is precious, we protect it!

As a house waterworks uses

  • The models that are offered throughout the home improvement stores and specialist retailers, hardly differ in the operation: An electric pump pushes the water sucked into a pressure vessel and switched off at a set value. If a consumption point turned up, the air pressure forces the water in the pressure vessel into the conduit.
  • When the internal pressure dropped to the minimum value, the electric motor is switched on again and loads the container again. The technical parameters of the house waterworks provide information whether it is suitable for the intended purpose.
  • The operation of the domestic water works can be carried out both separately and combined with a public water supply. Providing accommodation in a frost-proof room is observed. Likewise, the frost resistance of the inlet and outlet pipes must be ensured.

This is to be considered during installation

  • Compare on the nameplate if the specified power is sufficient for your needs. A power reserve is always advantageous if can not go to the limit due to any circumstances the machine.
  • Do not place the house waterworks in the immediate vicinity of residential areas. The noise disturbs, even if it occurs only sporadically. The ideal place is in the basement, next to the fountain.
  • If your fountain in the yard, you have the suction dig so deep that it does not freeze, or good insulation attach, then the line can be correspondingly flatter.
  • Let's check the well water by the health department, if it is to be used for food purposes. Note: You are responsible for health hazards of this water.
  • Register your Water works with the local water supplier to arrange with him the arrangements for billing for the wastewater. An operation of the system without notification is illegal and will be prosecuted by the local water utility.
  • You can operate the system both for the supply of parts of the standpipes and for emergency in case of breakdowns. It just depends on the connection of the pressure line to the public network. Of course, a complete supply with their own water is possible.
  • Make sure that no well water gets into the public grid, there is usually trouble. You should note that the installation of a check valve only helps if the pressure difference is large enough. Otherwise, a stop valve must be installed.
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