Waxing a floor - so you get it right

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Waxing a floor - so you get it right

Linoleum, wood and cork flooring should be maintained with floor wax.

Only floor cleaning - then bohnern

  1. Before waxing, you must clean the floor well first. Coarse dirt, dust and sand residues should be completely removed. Security attain best with a moist or wet cleaning, but you must then give the floor sufficient drying time.
  2. Mastics and wet soil do not mix. Also, be careful not to use too much detergent. The Maintenance wax then manages not so good because detergent residues block the pores of the soil. The pastes may then not properly penetrate the surface and exert its protective effect.
  3. Floor wax is a kind of paste similar to a conventional shoe cream from a tube. Note are any ingredients in floor wax, which can interfere with sensitive noses or skins. Read So when buying the ingredient list on the Tube. Some health food stores, Biobaustoffl├Ąden, health food stores but also well-stocked DIY lead pastes on beeswax base. Indispensable is the Floor Polisher - a kind of larger and heavy brush on a movable handle, similar to a mop with Klotz (!). This is used for polishing the whole base surface after the application of wax took place.

Use caution when applying the wax Bohner

  1. After you have cleaned the floor well, applying the polishing wax takes place on the entire bottom surface. It is best to use a fixed already on the mop cloth or wrap a larger radical (old shirt or similar) with natural fibers to a scrub brush. This serves as a "distributor".
  2. Give some floor wax directly on the floor and spread it evenly on the surface or put some wax on the wipe and distribute it then. Both are not of widespread because easily overlooked places.
  3. Caution! By waxing the floor surface is damned slippery! Appropriate footwear protects against unpleasant slips. The waxing of corners, edges and small areas, you must manually perform directly with the cleaning cloth.
  4. The art of Bohnerns you gain by a security contract between too much and too little. Excess wax you need to polish away troublesome. Too little wax feel as bad braking effect during polishing and lacks the protective film. Target is a silky, wonderful luster of the whole area!

Energetic involvement is the waxing necessary

  • Your unconditional tool - the Floor Polisher - requires active commitment. To sufficient polishing pressure to bring to the ground, the Floor Polisher is equipped with an additional weight - great exercise for you and your muscles.
  • The Floor Polisher must usually be repeatedly drawn across the surface to smooth the wax into the pores and to shine the surface. For larger areas, there are also polishing machines, which you can borrow at the hardware store or flooring trade - strong grab but also needed here.
  • Mechanized application is usually carried out at basic or initial care and in professional use.
  • And: For stairs, the machine not suitable because of their size and bulkiness. When wax floor care in the stairwell or other persons committed faces a warning sign is (constantly) necessarily appropriate because of the risk of slipping.
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