WD hard drive format - so it is possible

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WD hard drive format - so it is possible

Hard drives can be formatted directly in the operating system.

Connect WD hard drives to the computer

  • Before you can format the disk, you need to connect once to the computer. The internal installation Although always is a solution that requires no additional hardware, however, is also not very comfortable.
  • An external hard disk enclosure takes up the WD drive and then can connect via USB to the computer. Here the WD hard drive still has to be installed but only once in the enclosure before you can connect the drive to the computer.
  • It is even faster with an adapter cable from eg SATA to USB, which, with additional power cable for the hard drive, making the drive connected to the computer directly and without any additional housing. Be here, however, when handling the hard drive especially careful because it has no additional protection.

HDD formatting under Windows or MacOS

Formatting a computer connected to the WD hard drive is very easy on both Windows and MacOS. If the hard drive once in My Computer or Finder, all other operations can run directly in the system.

  • In Windows, right-clicking goes to the hard disk. In the context menu select "Format" from. In the new dialog is basically the decision to "quick format" or not important. The file system is always used in Windows NTFS, from the list, however, can also choose FAT (better compatibility with old Windows systems and Macs). A quick format is sufficient when the new disks, are already in use or used hard disks should be formatted normally.
  • On the Mac, launch the Disk Utility (under "Utilities" in the "Applications" folder) and select the appropriate hard drive from the list on the left. Then select "Delete" tab. Here you can select the file system again (for the Mac usually HFS + or Mac OS Extended (Journaled)). Under "Options" you can, similar to Windows, set the deletion options, but here with different levels of security.
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