WD SES Device - Useful

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WD SES Device - Useful

WD manufactures external hard drives.

The My Book by Western Digital

  • This hardware is an external hard drive, which is located in a very chic casing. The My Book by Western Digital in different versions (memory sizes) is available and can via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 are connected (depending on model) with each computer.
  • The external hard drive makes a very secure and robust impression and takes no great parking space. Online retailers such as Amazon, the My Book with 1, 2, 3 and 4 terabytes, offering memory size at reasonable prices. Of course you can buy the hard drive in a shop on site.
  • Among the benefits of the My Book include its large space especially automatic backup and password protection. From Windows operating system, the hardware is recognized as "WD SES Device" and so designated in the device manager.

What you should know about the WD SES Device

  • If you have bought a My Book by Western Digital, then you can use the device very easy in operation. The external hard drive must be connected only to a power outlet and a USB cable to the computer. Once you have turned on the hardware, Windows should notice disk and display them as a WD SES Device.
  • Does not install the driver automatically, so you can automatically let Windows naturally search the Internet. also proposes this plan fails and the WD SES Device is listed with an exclamation point in Windows Device Manager as before, so you have to intervene manually.
  • If (My Computer or Explorer), at least displayed the CD drive of the hard disk in Windows, so you can access it and start the software SmartWare. Through this program, you can incidentally also perform backups.
  • On the website of Western Digital Find all drive models in an overview and can select the hardware very simple. You'll also find all the necessary documentation and downloads.
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