wear hip-hop pants right - how it works

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wear hip-hop pants right - how it works

The wide trousers are one of the most important symbols of Hip Hp scene.

So wear hip-hoppers the baggy pants

  • In hip-hop pants or baggy pants are mostly to jeans, which are characterized by a straight and above all very wide section.
  • Characteristic of the style of dress of the hip-hop scene to wear pants well below the usual beltline is.
  • This makes in the reverse manner, however, wearing a tight girdle, all the more necessary because the pants would otherwise completely slip down.
  • Note, however, that even a belt usually not completely sufficient to prevent slipping the pants. For this reason it is when wearing baggy pants sometimes unavoidable, something to go legs and stand.
  • So you might say that you learn by wearing the baggy pants were, almost by itself also typical of the hip-hop scene gait.
  • It is questionable, however, whether permanently legs wide walking may not eventually lead to discomfort and postural problems.

Wearing baggy pants as a protest form

  • There are quite possible variations when wearing hip hop pants. So you can see the baggy pants also carry still below both the hip as.
  • Some hip-hoppers have her waistband even almost hanging down to his knees, which has led to the wearing of baggy pants in the US was banned by the government in part!
  • Although this measure seems absurd and clearly reflects the prudishness of the North American philistinism, you should also be aware that the Zurschaustellen your buttock while wearing hip hop pants can provoke other citizens.
  • Baggy Pants are far more than just a fashion trend. They are an unmistakable symbol of the worldwide networked hip-hop scene and reflected as such also the related protest against racism, police violence and other things again.
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