Weave baskets - the material, consider the following

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Weave baskets - the material, consider the following

Weide is ideal for braiding baskets.

Because baskets are used as means of transportation for many millennia, the lichen is also widespread. It can be used different materials, which of course require the durability of the baskets. Today, the baskets are also often used as decoration.

These materials are often used

  • Today often cane is used, which can be purchased through craft supplies. Wicker is as rattan recovered from the rattan palm.
  • From willow baskets are made for centuries. Willow branches are flexible and if you catch the right time, you can also get low in your area.
  • From straw partially baskets are woven, which serve more for storage or for decorative purposes.
  • You can also produce decorative baskets from grasses, rushes, raffia or other flexible branches.

That you should consider when basket weaving

  • If you decide to braid a basket, you should consider a few things when handling the materials.
  • Peddigrohr must always be well watered so that it is flexible and easy to work with. In addition baskets made of this material should be finally treated to increase shelf life. The Punting should this always be a number greater than the braid.
  • In pasture, you should note the different strengths. Do you want a small basket weave, so you need thin willow branches. The larger the baskets are, the stronger the rod should be. Pasture should also be well watered because of elasticity.
  • If you want to use fresh material, it is recommended that the rods to dry first and then soak before you process them. Because by the drying process shrink the fresh rods and the strength of your braid can change drastically.
  • All natural materials, you should inquire in advance whether you simply itself can cut the material or whether you should note determined timings.

Whether you want to weave baskets or other things: As with almost all crafts practice makes perfect. Is your first basket no masterpiece, you should not despair and give up the same. Try your hand first, to you the art is familiar on simpler things.

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