WEB.DE Club announce - how do I do that?

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WEB.DE Club announce - how do I do that?

You may terminate the WEB.DE Club and keep his e-mail account.

made easy termination

  1. While you can shut down without notice online free Web.de-free mail account at any time, you have made with the fee WEB.DE Club a contract that has to be canceled by letter or handwritten fax the signed. An online or telephonic notice is not possible.
  2. Put on a letter, in which you inform WEB.DE that you terminate the contract and do not want to be a customer of the WEB.DE club longer. Keep in mind that there is a notice period of six weeks, according to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).
  3. Indicate on the termination your contract or invoice number. You can get this by logging into your WEB.DE account. Thereupon, the home is built on, and look on the left navigation bar. Then click on the "My Account" box. Now you will be prompted to enter a username and password once more. After you have successfully logged in, opens with the "WEB.DE MCC" a new window. Click on "contracts" and write down the number. Alternatively, you can also click on the "Invoices" button and specify the account number on your notice.
  4. If you send your cancellation by mail, addressed to the letter:

    Web.de GmbH
    Brauerstr. 48
    76135 Karlsruhe
  5. If you prefer to cancel fax, send the letter to number: 0180-5-05 25 41. Remember that the fax must be signed by you.
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