Website Tester - how it works

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Website Tester - how it works

Website Tester needs no office - just fast Internet.

Among the companies that offer companies the opportunity to test their sites include Uinspect or UI check. Moreover, both are looking for interested Internet users who want to secure a job as website tester from home a little extra income.

Homework - Website Tester as a sideline

  • The profession or activity site Tester is currently only a few years. Companies looking for website testers, are start-up usually online companies that specialize in certain Internet services.
  • If you want to be site tester, you probably need to contact multiple vendors. Because the company Uinspect you be able to register as a test candidate, but the tester pool is full. However, UI check is still looking Website Tester.
  • What are the chances of getting invitations to test depends on personal factors and also by the respective entrepreneurial development. In any case, you have to prove themselves as a tester. Only if customers are satisfied, you can establish website tester.

Requirements for a Test Candidates

  • Those who want to pursue as website tester a second job, need not fulfill any unrealizable conditions. It is sufficient if you are ordinary Internet users. For this it is ultimately also visit the websites of companies and have to find their way there.
  • In general, it is every experience status from beginner to advanced web user demand. This is enough to make a tester money.
  • The activity as a website tester nevertheless differs from other homework-time jobs. Writing e-mails or the like is not sufficient. You must be able to formulate your thoughts linguistically. Only this makes the test for the customer understandable and comprehensible.
  • Watch a video or work through a website and talk while your thoughts. A special recorder will record everything. The spoken is sent to the customer.
  • Usually you have to take a test application where you must demonstrate an aptitude as a website tester.

Do you have a computer, microphone, headset, and Internet access, you can apply for a first test. If the assessment of your ability to express your thoughts as a comment out loud, positive, you will be invited via e-mail to another test.

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