Wedding puzzle - how it works

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Wedding puzzle - how it works

allow honeymooners with a wedding puzzle

Prepare the puzzle

  1. Search the internet for a high-resolution graphics to your destination and then switch to a provider that permits the individual assembling a puzzle. Take the possibility to multiple platforms.
  2. Download here the picture up to be printed on the set. then Dedicate yourself to calculate the required amount. Ideally, you can drag connected to the expected guests. At a ceremony with 150 people a set with 120 parts would be recommended.
  3. Let the puzzle then order and announce to the invitations that will be directly at the ceremony a way to allow the bride and groom a special gift.
  4. You can Honeymoon then book already, have to make sure that the date of payment only takes place shortly after the celebration.

The sequence at the wedding

  1. They take apart the 120 pieces of the puzzle and put them in a box or a large glass sphere. Then explain at the wedding, that each of these puzzle pieces you and your partner brings one step closer to a very special gift.
  2. Calculate previously a price per part, sharing the trip value by 120 Euro. At a cost of z. B. 1200 euros each piece would be worth 10 euros.
  3. Every visitor now has the opportunity to buy one of the parts. You will receive your money, the individual elements of the sets remain among the visitors. To avoid over remaining parts, you can dedicate your parents, in-laws and the family in the plan. This would then buy, rather than a monetary gift, the remaining parts.
  4. Everything is sold, it comes to putting together. To do this, put on a wooden board and let there lie the parts. Guests who did not know before about your destination can watch surprised how the image of the desired holiday is visible.
  5. With the money obtained to make their way to the bank and remit this directly to the account of the organizer. A few days later, when the greatest stress has passed, you can begin the journey.
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