weigh pros and cons properly - Profender Spot-on for Cats

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weigh pros and cons properly - Profender Spot-on for Cats

Profender - easy to apply with the pipette

With Profender Spot-on for Cats You can worming your animals quickly and easily. It is not a difficult tablet input longer necessary, and save yourself, but also the animals, the often tedious inputting medicine.

The effect of Profender Spot-on for Cats

  • The worm in liquid form is effective against all hook, roundworms and tapeworms in your cat. You get it in three different versions, each relating to the weight of the cat - namely light, medium and heavy cats.
  • Profender Spot-on for Cats acts already after the first application and need not be repeated on the following days. This broadband parasiticides allows you with a single application of all existing worms to rid your cats.
  • Since you do not need to enter oral Profender spot-on for cats, also eliminates the worry if your animals have ingested enough of the agent. Thus, the worm treatment works quite reliably, if you depend on the body weight of your cat, then apply the funds properly.

Benefits of Profender spot-on

  • Enter the agent easily directly from the pipette into the neck of your cat. There the animals to the agent not lick and ingest. It is best to keep the neck fur apart a little and then give the required amount of Profender spot-on for cats directly into the scruff of the neck.
  • The simple administration of this wormer the often difficult tablet input is avoided completely. In addition, you can be sure that the animal has received the required amount, so that all the worms are distributed.
  • As you apply Profender spot-on for cats directly to the skin of the animals, the agent can not be broken, whereby the effect would be lost again. Thus, it is an easy-to-use and acting against all worms agent. It kills the parasites in all different stages in your cat from and is, as any other deworming also administered every three to four months.

Disadvantages for your cats

  • As with any drug side effects may be completely eliminated even by Profender spot-on for cats not. But if you apply the funds properly, then no incompatibilities are noted in the rule. Note, however, that Profender spot-on for cats can not get into the eyes, and wash yourself by treating your animals hands thoroughly.
  • In some cases it may happen that the skin at the point where you have applied the remedy easily reddens. But this is nothing wrong, but a reaction to the substances that has settled to the next day.
  • For kittens younger than eight weeks the wormer is not suitable and must therefore be applied only in cats from the ninth week of life. Newborn kittens you must deal with another remedy for worms.

You get Profender spot-on for cats from your vet, who can you explain exactly how you apply the means and what needs to be observed here in the individual case.

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