weigh the pros and cons of their own apartment

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weigh the pros and cons of their own apartment

Ready for your own apartment?

Pros and Cons for the first 4 walls

The thought of the first home is admittedly very tempting, but do not forget that the freedoms gained new responsibilities and obligations will arise for you.

  • The motivation for drawing is distributed quite differently - whether frequent differences with the parents or the urge for independence. In any case, you must carefully consider all aspects of belonging to a new apartment and the associated change in lifestyle, and plan. Because both the financial and the personal requirements must be met can!
  • It is quite natural that eventually the point will come when one longs for more autonomy, freedom and independence. In my own apartment is usually more space available than in the parental's bedroom. You can unfold quite differently, select your device, therefore, have perhaps a different daily routine as well as other dietary habits.
  • Plan your day as you are there for good, and have anyone over accountable when you want to go somewhere. Often the relationship with parents and siblings improved because you clashed not a day due to the spatial separation or feel restricted itself. After all, it is a long-term goal of your own education, you have the tools to stand on its own.

The first home

  • If you are an adult and therefore fully competent, you are therefore entitled to sign the lease for your own apartment. You enter into a contractual agreement to which you have to keep. There would be such. As rest periods, corridor or basement services that need to be adhered to regularly, or clauses relating to the renovation, if you want to take them off.
  • Besides its own personality and the related maturity for the step in your own four walls, it's often the finances, which are a hurdle. If you still do not have a steady income, because you go to school, be in training or studying, it is financially difficult, but not impossible to stand on its own.
  • If you have a part-time job and earn a little money, it could still be short, because even getting to the good cold rent costs in the form of electricity and heat (heating) to you. In addition, include include contributions for waste disposal, clearance or cleaning services that increase the utilities again. You also need a sufficient budget for your household; next to foods and beverages also cleaning and hygiene products must be purchased. Plan also includes an allowance, which is for your hobbies and leisure activities; may fall this budget significantly lower than you are accustomed to date.
  • It is best to talk through the finances with your parents, maybe you can also get child benefit, or your parents can help you otherwise financially. Is also very important to discuss how to fund your living expenses if you ever have no income or are not able by checks, etc., to make as much money as usual. Probably your parents can give you additional pros and cons points to which you have not previously thought.
  • Depending on the apartment you have to expect to purchase large appliances such as a refrigerator or a washing machine. Looking for an apartment in which it is not necessary, or view by cheap used goods to.
  • If you move into a home of their own, be sure to check your insurance cover and probably expand. First up is a private liability insurance, which actually should have any! Some landlords require taking out home insurance, which is recommended in any case, and of course, results in additional costs.
  • Where has taken the washing, cooking and cleaning at home nor Mutti, you must now ran itself! Do not underestimate this work and the associated cost. Especially if you had to take a few more tasks with your parents, you need some time to develop a system and
    keep your budget in surplus.
  • In their own homes, there are perhaps not the parents who complain due to loud music, but there are neighbors! Depending on whether you live with your parents in an apartment building or a home, you might have been a little loud at home, in a household you need to take to other tenants consideration.

Create best its own pros and cons list that is tailored to your personal situation. Take this list to a few weeks ago and supplement or change them, maybe you can help the case of a decision.

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