Wellies - care take so right before

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Wellies - care take so right before

Rubber boots, you can easily clean and maintain. I.Friedrich / Pixelio

clean rubber boots - so you get it right

  1. Good rubber boots have a thick profile, which also of course can accommodate dirt. For this reason, you should use to eliminate the dirt under the profile a stick to clean the surface.
  2. Do you have eliminated these impurities, as well as the boot leg should be cleaned. For this example, you can use the shower head. A hard beam can be as many stubborn dirt simply rinse. Alternatively, you can also use a damp cloth and a mild detergent and simply edit the boot order.

Proper care of rubber boots

  • Even inexpensive rubber boots can last, if they are properly cared for. Thus the material pliable and also remains flexible in addition, you can use, for example, glycerol, which enter on a dry towel, so you can rub the boots then it. Also diluted with water can be used glycerol. Material embrittlement is prevented in this way.
  • Furthermore, the use of special silicone oil for the care of boots made of rubber is recommended. It slows down the premature aging of the material which can be initiated for example by UV light or fats.
  • In shoe shop you get beyond even waterproofing spray, which you should spray especially near seams or splices. This spray will eventually ensure that humidity and moisture can not penetrate into the inner part of the boot.

Proper storage of rubber boots - that you should be aware

  • The best care may not be enough when rubber boots are stored incorrectly. For this reason, you should make sure that the boots first clean and dry before storing it. A dry cloth made of cotton or microfiber proves it to be extremely practical.
  • Furthermore, you should make sure that you put the boots cool and protected from light, so that the material will not be damaged.