Wet Gel - long hair style

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Wet Gel - long hair style

Not only women style your hair with Wet Gel. More and more men style your long hair.

style your hair with Wet Gel

  • First, you need to become familiar with the variety of hair care products. For styling long hair, there are various options and care products. Among the products we can distinguish in principle between Wax, gel and foam. The big difference between Wax and gel is that Wax hair a natural look gives during gel by moisture rather artificial effect. Foam is basically like gel; once you explain it a little rub in the hands, it takes on the consistency of a gel.
  • Wax and gel are available in countless versions - the most different in strength, which gives the hair. Do you want a strong hold, you need your hair do so at the expense of flexibility, the more they think, the less they can be bent and seem artificial. Generally waxes are more there to bring stability and strength to the hair. For modeling and styling to gel is very good. Of course, Wax and gel can be mixed well with each other, depending on what you prefer personally for your long hair.
  • But there are also in the care even products with special effect - as the wet gel. It gives hair a moist look, it looks as if you had come in a rainstorm. It is well suited for long hair, you can then style your hair wild from occiput to the front. So few strands extend even in the face, with long hair down to his eyes. The Wet effect but do not act so boring and have a modern touch.
  • However, this look is perhaps somewhat risky and not suitable for any occasion. Should it be more conservative, you can style your long hair into a side parting - this just comes back into fashion. He is quick and easy to style, and the long hair, sometimes perhaps disturb some are not disordered and confused styled - a styling that is perfect for a special occasion.
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