What are IT skills?

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What are IT skills?

Learn to - you assign an IT course!

Information on IT skills

Nowadays, IT skills gain an ever increasing importance. They are needed in every company and are welcome in the application and in the CV. Without IT skills quasi nothing works. What exactly are IT skills and how to acquire and use them, learn.

  • IT comes from English and means as much as "information technology".
  • It is a generic term and is for information and data processing. With "IT" is often the necessary software and hardware respectively.
  • The "IT" is the link between normal electronics and computer science. Therefore, it is also offered as a subject at many faculties and there renamed "information technology".
  • The development of "IT" in recent years has changed and revolutionized many areas. For example, the development of computer-human relationships has become a lot more interesting now.
  • By acquiring IT skills you build your application for working out tremendously. Here, however, does not mean that you compiled a PC and need to unscrew.
  • Among IT knowledge is understood to have some dealing with PC programs. These are programs such as SAP or SCSS. These programs will be handled in many offices and some prior knowledge help you get started.
  • IT skills can also be used differently depending on the area. Depending on what career you are applying, it can be simple or programming skills SAP knowledge. So you should pay close attention to the job posting.

Erlangen and insertion of IT skills

  • If you plan to acquire IT skills to supplement the application for a job or an internship, then you have the opportunity to take a course.
  • As long as you are a student, you can check at your university. There IT courses are offered frequently, you are participating in free and can purchase a certificate.
  • If you are no longer a student, you can check, for example, at the community college in your area. There you can also for a course if it is offered, enroll and receive a certificate.
  • Your acquired IT skills can now be applied in different subregions. There is, for example, "communication IT", which deals with telecommunications, or the "Entertaining IT", which can be applied in areas of the game software.
  • With your acquired IT skills you have in any case a step forward to a bolstered application and better chance to get a job done.
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