What breaks the fast (Ramadan)?

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What breaks the fast (Ramadan)?

In the Koran the observance of Ramadan is compulsory.

Islam and Ramadan fasting

Basically, all devout Muslims must fast.

  • In Islam, Ramadan is a time of traditions. Lent is determined by the lunar calendar (the ninth month of the Muslim lunar year) and varies from year to year. During this time, take devout Muslims from dawn until sunset, neither liquid nor solid food, exactly 30 days.
  • Neither smoking nor coffee and sexual intercourse or other sexual acts with the spouse are allowed. Who has done something forbidden, what fasting breaks must nachfasten the day. Only under certain conditions it is allowed not to fast or to break the Ramadan.

The sunset break the fast

Without a valid reason in Ramadan not fasting, is equal in Islam a sin. Only under certain conditions it is allowed to interrupt the fasting or not fasting.

  • For devout Muslims, the fasting is directed for 30 days exactly after the prayer times and the time. It starts every day with the so-called Fajr prayer from the first light and ends with the Maghrib at dusk. First, a light meal breaks the fast in which you do not take more than one to three dates to be. This fast-breaking Iftar we called.
  • After Iftar pray the Maghrib prayer, so prayer after complete sunset. This prayer heralds the "sahur", a meal in which you may eat and drink anything you see fit. However, this dinner is the first and last meal of the day, you are permitted to eat during Ramadan. Often breaking the fast is celebrated with family or friends.
  • You should forego possible to strongly spicy or salty foods, because dinner is your skills for the next day. About twenty minutes before dawn, you have to start with the Morning Prayer (Fajr) fasting again. The three-day Z ^ uckerfest breaks definitively with Lent. During this time, party, dance and of course eat and drink to your heart's content.

These people are exempt from the rules

  • These include the elderly or infirm people to whom the waiver of regular drinking and eating is no longer expected who can. Such persons may dispense with the Ramadan.
  • The same is true if you are chronically ill. Would the disease worsen during Lent or even pose a life-threatening situation, you are exempt from the rules.
  • However, if for health reasons or because of age fasting breaks - and the day also can not catch up - a so-called fidye must pay (ransom) for each day. In Germany, there are currently around ten euros and it is paid either at the beginning of Ramadan, in the middle or at the end. Often the money is distributed to the needy.

Are you traveling or interrupt other reasons fasting during Ramadan - such as by a prohibited act or a temporary illness - these days, however, must be nachgefastet.

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