What can I wear? - To make a type-related wardrobe

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What can I wear?  - To make a type-related wardrobe

A perfect outfit is put together in no time.

What should you consider before tightening

  • Your wardrobe should depend primarily on your physical circumstances. Consider yourself critically in the mirror and evaluate whether you have a long, thin, or rather stocky neck.
  • Decide whether you rather thin, normal built, plump or overweight and if your legs rather long and narrow or short and strong. Another criterion for example, tailored clothing is if you have a straight-grown or a rounded back or perhaps a swayback. This is significant for what you can wear.
  • Particularly in people who are prone to stomach and a hollow back, the correct choice of clothing is particularly important as the hollow back the abdomen pushes even further forward and makes them look ugly. In this case, it is difficult to find a nice wardrobe to wear.
  • In this case, try either with gymnastics and a lot of movement to take action against the overweight, or adjust your clothing, with which you should conceal the abdomen, on.

What clothes you could wear

  • If you have too short neck, you should put anything that the upper body still optically shortened. The neck then acts as if he if he is pressed on the shoulders.
  • Are not recommended in this case also high-waisted dresses, turtleneck, standing cuffs, short, thick neck chains and long hair.
  • Very good, you can contrast lace cutouts, neck remote collar, long chains, scarves and hairstyles, release the neck and the neck wear.
  • If you have a very long neck, you should avoid anything that the neck extended even more, such as short haircuts, ambitious hair, deep V-necklines.
  • however, are ideal turtleneck, high collar, ruffles at the neck, knotted scarves and shawls, ribbons, tight collars and chains as well as a half-length hairstyle.
  • If you have narrow, sloping shoulders, recommend just wide cutouts or round cut-outs and drop shoulders and offset sleeve seams. So shoulders are optically widened. You can also leave with puff sleeves and epaulettes shoulders wider effect, if you like this fashion style.
  • Some people have also to broad, angular shoulders. For these people, deep V-necklines, necklines, kimono and raglan sleeves and ruffle collar are recommended.

For a perfect outfit, also the study of the spring, summer, autumn and winter types worthwhile. This helps you to find the right colors for your type.

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