What cause amino acids? - The functions in the body simply explained

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What cause amino acids?  - The functions in the body simply explained

Obesity - a lifestyle disease

The Tasks of amino acids and what they do

  • The primary role of amino acids is the ideal transport and storage of all the nutrients that you feed your body through food.
  • Unfortunately, by the frequent use of finished products, which contain many additives, the quality of food taken in recent years. The consequence of this are the so-called diseases of affluence such as obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol value.
  • As finished products can not be optimally processed by the amino acids, you should avoid this and start again to prepare your food fresh, because only in this way you can counteract the above listed diseases.

But what these acids actually now and what areas of your body are affected by it?

In this way affect amino acids your body

In the human genome 20 amino acids are created by default. These include so to speak "standard equipment" of the people. Below seven amino acids are listed and explained what they do in your body:

  • The amino acids arginine and carnitine affect your immune system, burn fat, cholesterol, by reducing this, the power, your skin and the conversion of fat into energy. In addition, the acid carnitine is specifically used in diabetes therapy.
  • Glutamine and glutamic acid also affect your immune system, ensure a smooth skin and are the only amino acids that affect your ability to concentrate.
  • Methionine and ornithine counteract the baldness contrary, they also promote your potency and affect your sleep patterns.
  • The amino acid taurine is known that it strengthens your heart muscle.

It should make us sit up, that the amino acid intake is often located in Germany owing to the general malnutrition below the feeding recommendations. Of course, the amino acids at commercial offers in the form of powder and tablets. But these are very expensive as a rule. Get challenge at this point. By changing your diet, you can prevent diseases of affluence naturally.

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