What color results with Lila a harmonious composition? - Interior design tips for the bedroom

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What color results with Lila a harmonious composition?  - Interior design tips for the bedroom

Purple for the bedroom is a toll to be combined color.

The Color Purple is based on red and blue tones. Therefore, you can (almost) make sweeping statements that other reds and blues bother with Lila a great composition.

painted wall in Purple

  • Have you painted your walls purple, fit to excellent furniture in bright colors. On optimal in white, but also a light brown (maple or beech) gives a nice concept.
  • The decoration can be set up in another mauve (light to dark or vice versa), also fit pieces of glass, silver or white color excellent. Is it in your wall color to a bright purple, also the combination with black produces a coherent picture.

Buy What furniture in purple?

Do you want to instead let the walls rather decent and put on an accent rich pieces of furniture, you have the ability to address many residential accessories in purple.

  • A bed in purple will be hard to find. However, you can have a wooden bed frame grind and now move the purple of your choice. Fit, you get in many stores purple linen.
  • Other accessories such as bedside lamps, pictures and picture frames are to get in the trend color. Together with Dekostickern or a Wall Decal gives the a great highlight.
  • Even your closet can provide you with purple accents. Either you also emphasize this to himself or decorate it with stickers instead or also a wall tattoo.

Color that gives a coherent picture of Lila

As a brief summary now even the colors that suit Purple:

  • Too bright purple combine dark purple, blackberry, a bright royal blue, black, dark brown, pink, dark green or white.
  • Dark lilac results with white, pink, champagne, silver, gold or light green a magical composition.
  • Incidentally, you can also combine wonderfully light and dark purple with each other and so set up a cozy bedroom.
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