What do you call the writing style of Shakespeare?

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What do you call the writing style of Shakespeare?

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Shakespeare's writing style changing his life

  • In his early years, his language was stylistically striking rhetorical selected. He wrote for the declamatory style, which was expected in his time by the actors on stage.
  • In its heyday, when he wrote the plays "Hamlet" and "Romeo", he invented many words (neologisms), "beautified" is just one example of hundreds. Every few lines encountered in these pieces on a Neuprägung Shakespeare. What do you call such a writing style? Flowery not, rather imaginative, resourceful, creative, opulent.
  • In later years, after he dominated all possible styles of writing, he allowed himself certain liberties. So he sat example points to the end of the verses. This constitutes the true artist. He has to his craft master, and only then he can go beyond that.

What do you call the typical Shakespeare rhyme

  • Typical of Shakespeare's rhyme and thus writing is the blank verse. The German word blank verse originates from the English. It is an assumption of "blank verse", with "blank", "empty" to the Reimlosigkeit refers in the sense of.
  • The blank verse is a fünfhebiger iambic verse, which is non-rhyming. An iambic is a metrical foot, in which a slight syllable severe follows.

Characteristic examples of Shakespeare's writing style

  • Shakespeare's puns is reflected in the language game in the following example: ". I wasted time, and now doth time waste me" Translated is the sentence: "I wasted my time and now is the time wasted me." What do you call such a writing style? Word Messing fits.
  • Typical of Shakespeare's writing style is the fact that he wrote so pronounced that it can be heard in the English-speaking and the German mouth today, even if it is not aware of the speaker. "Comes from Stern" for example, goes back Shakespeare: "Nothing will come of nothing".
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