What do you do as an industrial clerk? - Description of a profession

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What do you do as an industrial clerk?  - Description of a profession

Industrial clerks are fit in merchandise management. Rainer_Sturm / Pixelio

What makes the industrial manager? - Aptitudes and skills

The industrial clerk working in a commercial environment. Therefore it is useful to know what makes these activities, before applying for an apprenticeship. So you can find out whether their own interests match the job description.

  • Merchants organize trade in goods or services. Therefore, it is understood that not only organizational skills come into play, but also the interest in activities that require a very good working with numbers.
  • The goods sales must be planned and tracked in order to create the most favorable conditions and to achieve the greatest profit. Here is mainly tourism demand, as well as the way the devotion to detail and accuracy.
  • Analytical thinking and abstraction are favorable aptitudes for planning and marketing activities, as for these purposes and theoretical contexts (eg. As in the business) must be understood.
  • Plays a major role for the merchant his communicative ability as less interested in eg. In the customer's situation (also in case of defects and complaints) empathize, is an essential part of the success.

The training focuses of industrial clerk

The training focuses mainly concern the areas of goods procurement and distribution, cost accounting, personnel management and marketing. Some of the content may be mentioned that acquires the industrial manager in three years of apprenticeship in the company and in the vocational school:

  • The procurement of goods includes various aspects, including the solicitation of proposals, which have to be tested for viability and compared with each other. Basis for this work is first, to get an overview of the amounts may be needed to goods and stored.
  • The costs incurred by the acquisition, storage and sale of goods must be calculated and verified by modern analysis tools to generate the highest possible profit can. This also can be seen how the capabilities of the respective operation can be used most favorably.
  • Among the issues of human resources on the one hand include the legal basis on which the jobs are based, on the other hand, the planning, the guarantee that the existing staff can be used effectively.
  • Marketing and public relations are essential today. The sovereign use of proven methods for positioning the operation on the market is as important as the handling of modern media (Internet) and technical innovations that can provide the operating contemporary competitive advantages.
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