What does it take to become a pilot? - How it works at Lufthansa

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What does it take to become a pilot?  - How it works at Lufthansa

Pilot's dream job of many young people.

Want to become a pilot or a pilot with Lufthansa, you first need a high school diploma. More important than the average grades are better than average knowledge of English, because the flight language is English, regardless of whether you take off or land in Germany or in Russia. Any interested person may apply at Lufthansa. Create the training, you are automatically transferred to the air service.

Requirements that you need to become a pilot

The academic and physical requirements that are needed for a career as a pilot, are not so very high. hand Very much depends on the existence of the aptitude test. Have you passed, you will be expected to master the training well.

  • You need a college graduate, the average grade is not so important. Also, a technical university is sufficient. They must demonstrate not completed their training or study. Your knowledge of German and English must be excellent.
  • You must be old 17 to 26 years, if you would like to complete the dual degree. Otherwise, an age limit of 28 years applies.
  • You have to be tall and slender between 1.65 m and 1.98 m, and bring a very good physical condition.
  • You must have a good hearing and vision. Glasses are permitted only to +/- 3 diopters

Training costs for pilot are high

Have you passed the proficiency test, the training costs of the Lufthansa are fully financed. Get within five years after the end of the training a permanent contract, you pay € 60,000 in monthly installments of € 300 to Lufthansa back.

  • The internal portion is about one third of the total training costs. You take no risk because you only have to pay back if you really get also an employment.
  • Since you get a comparatively very high starting salary, you will be able to pay the installments without any problems.

Prepare for the setting test very well before, because it is the key to your pilot training. All necessary information that you need, can be found on the training pages of Lufthansa.

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