What does the heart in Facebook? - Enlightenment

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What does the heart in Facebook?  - Enlightenment

Even with Facebook heart can be sent.

The heart in Facebook - several meanings

  • Heart means love, as every child knows. But now the time has changed and the icon is no longer so much importance and seriousness given as they did a few years. Especially by the social network Facebook and its possibilities got the Love sign more and more into the background as a sign per se.
  • For lovers heart still means love on Facebook. Especially if you are with your loved one on chatting, because you miss him, the sign in the right place is attached. An "I love you" combined with the sweet characters can get your chat partner certainly weak in the knees.
  • But to use the mark even in completely normal stuff. If you have discovered, for example, a great pair of shoes on a website and this necessarily want to share with your friends, you post the link to your FB Chronicle and write perhaps something to like: "I want these shoes have absolutely <3". This is perfectly legitimate and everyone understands that you do not want to marry the shoes, but just find amazing and have somehow still in love with her.

Also that means the love sign

  • Even in friendships, the love symbol is often used. It also does not mean here: I want to marry you, but simply "I love you very much" or "I love you", but it is friendly. As often as photos or posts from friends are commented ellenlang. As already fall times one or the other hearts. Especially when one considers friendly declarations of love via Facebook, the symbol can be inserted in different styles in succession.
  • The "like button" -indications often include sweet animal designs, beautiful islands and half-naked women. Here too, the heart symbol is often used, and means simply: Wow, how cute, stunning or hot.

The sign of love is so almost everywhere applicable and represents the fundamental core ago still the same, but it is no longer just that character of pure love.

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