What eat ducklings?

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What eat ducklings?

Ducklings can not eat anything. constanze_wilking / Pixelio

Ducklings behave differently than chickens

Now you might think: Clear is a duck no chicken. This statement has a special meaning:

  • Many experts feed Chicken with boiled eggs. This is of them also tolerated. And precisely for this reason many get the idea, with ducks to do the same. However tolerated ducks no egg white.
  • Also note that you should give ducks bread. This can give adult ducks as supplementary food; for ducklings but contains this enough nutrients.

Purchase the right food

  • Each country store sells duck feed. Just make sure that you buy the food for just hatched ducks. This is called partial duck starter or chick feed.
  • Once your ducks at least 16 weeks of age, you can proceed to the normal feed ducks. Even this can be found in the country trade.
  • The ready-cooked food may not look presentable, but contains all the nutrients and minerals that ducklings need for growing up. Above all, attention is paid to a balance of calcium and phosphorus.

So eat the ducks

When feeding of small animals, you should note some:

  • The deed to the lining is extremely small, so that here can be no difficulty in eating. You still remember that the ducks always need fresh water.
  • This should always be present, because the ducks take a bite and feed these salivation with water. Also, make sure that the chicks can always eat. This means that the food bowl should always be full.
  • Fruits and vegetables, you can always offer them as appetizers for in between. As basic feed but this is not enough. Avoid also to the administration of grasses, especially dandelion and nettle, as these contain a lot of crude fiber.
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