What eat mice prefer? - Correct feeding and care of the little ones

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What eat mice prefer?  - Correct feeding and care of the little ones

Mice love variety in food dish.

There are many ingredients that like to eat your mouse and you can give the normal feed supplement.

Ready fodder for mice

  • Primarily mice of dried fodder or grain feed can be fed. A good food for the animals should be balanced and contain an average of 4% fat. It must provide the animals with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Ready mouse feed you should never buy in bulk or in stock, because the food is very bad quickly if it gets wet. In addition, open mouse fodder are affected by food moths and is then unusable.

The animals like to eat the

  • But mice eat not only finished feed happy, but also love fresh food and variety. Therefore, you can offer them fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as herbs and flowers are welcome.
  • With fresh juice feed you provide the animals with important vitamins and minerals. Dandelion, clover and carrots are very popular, but also cucumbers, cat grass and iceberg lettuce make for a healthy diet.
  • Healthy fruit for the small rodents can be found in the form of apples, bananas, grapes and sometimes even in the form of a little watermelon. Also raisins are very welcome.

How to feed properly

  • Although the mice like to eat fresh food, you have to be careful that the daily amount of food is not exceeded. Therefore, you should deduct the amount of juice lining of the amount of dried fodder.
  • It is best to feed the animals once a day with fresh food. Then enter only a small amount in the cage and remove leftover residues of the feed.
  • Enter but in the fresh feeding more and more vegetables than fruit and remove with fresh ingredients always the cores.

A special treat you can make the animals with fresh daisies, because these they eat very happy.

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