What happens when you report someone on Facebook?

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What happens when you report someone on Facebook?

Observe what happens when you report someone on Facebook.

This happens when you have Facebook reported someone

  • You should know that you can protect your privacy on Facebook. Animated example of someone a friend request, you do not know, please report this person. Have you reported the person as you can get and no further requests. Always observe what happens to the message. You can thus prevent someone to contact you.
  • Get Facebook news and want to have no contact with this person, so you block them easily. You can then no longer be contacted. You can also pick up later the blockade.
  • Find contrast to Facebook right-wing content, videos or pictures or immoral or pornographic content, as you can the user who posted this, log in to Facebook.
  • After you report the user, this message will be reviewed by the support of Facebook. Have you reported someone, it may be that the Facebook profile deleted, exhorted the user or the problematic content will be deleted.
  • Facebook has very substantive guidelines to be followed by the users. to keep users not to these contents, so you can report it and learn soon what happens after the message. Pictures and videos, on which people are nude or inappropriate content can be seen to be, then summarily deleted.

Find out more about the policies of Facebook

  • Facebook has many guidelines to be followed by the users. Violations of these guidelines, you should report concerns without Facebook.
  • Have you reported someone, the violation can be checked and cleared, and the person to be noted.
  • Read all about it on the Facebook guidelines and stick to this one.
  • Always make sure to take into account the personality rights of other users and never sign someone without having a good reason. Then it happens that the person is admonished, although it has done nothing wrong.
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