What I do against boredom in dogs? - How it works with toy

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What I do against boredom in dogs?  - How it works with toy

Even dogs pull against boredom. Jerzy / Pixelio

Playing with the dog is characterized in that it is practiced without meaning and learning. It is just fun in the foreground are and help against boredom.

What do I do when playing as dog handlers?

  • Although it is a game against boredom: Playing nevertheless it is also about winning. There is a misconception that you need to always win as a dog owner. From time to time you should let your dog win sometimes, or he might lose interest in it and it is for him no more fun.
  • If you have a dog that constantly demands your attention by constantly throwing you his toy in front, you should always definitely start playing and ignore his calls. Do you have a dog who wants to play often, you can also respond to his game when he starts times since.
  • What you should do but in any case is to stop playing, and that is when it is most beautiful. Did you miss the moment, then it may be that your dog is listless and playing loses its appeal for the future.

Correct play against boredom in dogs

There are countless toys to buy for dogs. Most are throwing toys, some of which also squeak or just Zerrspielzeuge like a knotted rope. but you can fight with the simplest means such as a disused socks or an old towel against boredom in your dog. The correct procedure is always the same:

  1. Take the toy in his hand, it broadcast itself to very intense, ignoring the dog. In order to make even the least spectacular item for the dog very interesting.
  2. Do you play something. With the object by throwing him a few times in the air and catch it again By now, every dog ​​is curious what you have as exciting in his hands.
  3. Let the dog now a little taste of the object, drag it but leave again immediately.
  4. Now you can go to play at his level and squat or sit on the floor. The dog you signal so that dogs and humans are equal and the ranking does not matter anymore.
  5. Move the toys at his feet a little back and forth and make this unusual noises. Your dog will try to grab it - let him calm. If he has it in his mouth, you can make a small Zerrspiel therefrom. But remember that you do not really jerks aside. If you want to pull, then pull toward you or make an up and down motion. So you can not hurt the neck muscles of the dog.
  6. Let the object quiet from time to time go and see what makes your dog. He runs away with it and not come back, you should finish the game and your dog also take away the object.
  7. If your dog but pride runs with the object in its mouth around you, then he will likely you Zufassen again. Do him a favor. From time to time you should also demand of the dog, that he let go the object just once. Once he has done that, you should continue to play immediately, which is then the reward that he has let go of the object.
  8. Exit should play always with the same termination command such as "final" or "Off". Then do the dog after some time that another invitation to play is futile against boredom.
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