What is a character description?

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What is a character description?

To manage a good character description.

What exactly is a character description and how these encounters you exactly in school? Many students are heretofore usually a big job, which is however not so difficult to master.

Why choose a character description at school?

  • A character description will determined by the German lessons for an essay need. This serves to make a story look more vivid and describe the different characters in this action better.
  • Character descriptions can be found not only in essays, but also in literature. This important tool helps you to understand actions of fictional characters better and more able to move into it.
  • Especially in short acts, such as an essay, this is especially important. For this you need to explain in a relatively short time a successful story that also still keeps readers interested and enthusiastic.

To succeed in a good Character description - some suggestions

  1. Before you start writing, you first need a good story you have in mind. Here, you should take notes on the individual people, such as sex, height, hair color, eye color, facial features and characteristics, such as timid or short-tempered.
  2. If you write a story, avoid enumerations, because that bored the reader and causes the attachment is read only superficially.
  3. Character descriptions are incorporated in small subordinate clauses. Start with the first appearance, the subtleties, the reader learns then throughout history.
  4. Lists are soon forgotten, so you should try to make the reader the character figuratively keep in mind, such as "his blue eyes flashing natural to" or "her blond hair waving in the wind and dropped their tresses in the face".

Through a character description, the reader can learn more about the people in an act. If you have followed these instructions, you will realize that it is not so difficult, it also managed to write.

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