What is a coalition? - Child friendly explained

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What is a coalition?  - Child friendly explained

The Reichstag - Here laws are made.

The Coalition as a political merger

  • A coalition is also called as much as an association or an alliance to respond.
  • These usually include together several people or groups to join the same or similar interests.
  • Even in everyday life there are many such coalitions. B. at school or even in the family.
  • The siblings Leonard and Hannah want to experience different things at the weekend. Hannah wants to go to the movie. Leonhard want the outdoor pool.
  • The parents of the two siblings, it is important that the children do something outdoors, because it is summer and the weather is nice.
  • Parents join a coalition with Leonhard and the family goes with the children to the swimming pool.
  • If the weather the next time will be slightly lower, all go to the movies together.

For this a coalition is needed in the Federal Government

  • In the example of siblings Leonard and Hannah both parents have made a coalition with her son Leonhard.
  • That they have done in order to achieve a majority to enforce a specific goal, namely to spend the day outdoors.
  • In the federal government, this principle works the same way.
  • To win votes and to make laws, a party must be in the majority. This means that over half of the voters must have pitched for them.
  • But since this is often not the case, the parties often enter into a coalition with other parties. They arrange to meet specific goals and keep them firmly in a so-called coalition agreement. This agreement is a directive, which interests are to be pursued and implemented in government phase.
  • Even the Chancellor or the Chancellor is elected by majority of MPs. Here coalitions also play an important role.
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