What is abstract art? - An explanation

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What is abstract art?  - An explanation

Abstract Art often comes out without any objective reference.

What is an abstract representation?

Art is generally difficult to define. To understand what is abstract art, it helps immensely, however, to bear in mind the meaning of the adjective "abstract" in mind.

  • The word "art" comes from the Latin verb abstrahere, which translates as "pull" or "remove" means. Most know the abstracting from the field of mathematics.
  • An abstract representation of a thing is characterized accordingly by the fact that this individual and custom features are omitted to make the presentation easier, or more generally.
  • In the abstract art is so far about providing the essential aspects of the object for the artist by omitting, removing or alienating others in the foreground.

Non-objective art and abstraction

if you step deeper into the world of abstract art, it is important to distinguish between abstracting and nonobjective art works, both are characterized by entirely different characteristics.

  • The abstracting abstract art is characterized by the display method described above, in the specific changes in color, texture and other characteristics of an object of a substantial part of the artistic possibilities make.
  • The nonrepresentational abstract art differs from this style in that they - as the name suggests - only a small or no longer make has to any concrete object.
  • Abstract art play with the viewer's perception and almost automatically ask him to to interpret the respective images based on his own associations. A clear and uniform interpretation is often difficult or even impossible.
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