What is agave nectar? - About Your Sugar Substitute

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What is agave nectar?  - About Your Sugar Substitute

Agave syrup is touted as healthy Süßungsalternative.

Product Agavendicksaft

  • Agave syrup is also performed under the name agave commercially.
  • The sweetener is considerably sweeter than honey and can be used instead of sugar. The syrup is rapidly soluble, what is the advantage of sweeten beverages.
  • Some vegans use agave syrup instead of honey. Since the temperature of 48 degrees is not exceeded during the manufacture, the syrup will appeal even when raw-foodists.
  • You can choose between different variants. Agave syrup you get the taste mild and clear or medium strong and amber. The dark variant revealed a strong caramel flavor.
  • The product adheres to three years and does not need refrigeration for storage. Store it dry and dark.
  • The country of origin of the species-rich Agave is Central America, here they are cultivated extensively with chemical use.
  • At harvest, the stem of the plant is scratched so that the juice can drain.
  • Then the juice is filtered, heated, and concentrated. The result is a highly concentrated fructose syrup.

Advertising suggestion or healthy alternative to sugar

  • Agave syrup is almost 60 percent from carbohydrates. The largest share is the fruit sugar, fructose. In fact, not a healthy alternative to the usual sugar.
  • No question, sugar is essential for life. But in the amounts usually consumed it is harmful to your health.
  • Better reduce the abundance of sugar, rather than to look for dubious substitutes out.
  • The syrup consists almost entirely of fructose and is therefore questionable, though cleverly advertised, alternative to ordinary sugar beet.
  • Do you want to eat healthy, you scrutinize aware your sugar needs.
  • If you want to use agave syrup, then you should use it sparingly. Especially diabetics discourage consumption, due to the high fructose content.
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