What is an auxiliary port?

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What is an auxiliary port?

Aux - the source for home theater and audio experiences TiM_Caspary / Pixelio

What is the auxiliary port and his technical background

  • In an auxiliary port is a signal input channel. Thus, there is a device signal is received and subsequently processed. This means a subsequent signal amplification or signal filtering and signal splitting in the rule.
  • On the additional device is generally to signal-generating devices - such as CD player, radio, MP3 player, etc. In addition, the auxiliary port is also an important interface for the forwarding of image reproducing signals TV directly via the or reproduced via an intermediate recorder.
  • The auxiliary port is to be processed at the same time capable of video and audio signals and display. However, it should be ensured to the Aux port before connecting a device that the existing device voltage for the auxiliary line-in channel is suitable.

More to Aux hardware

  • This type of interface was already in the sixties their way into the art world. For a long time, the pieces of equipment were connected by "Multipolar Tuchel" with the slot in the appropriate input device, which is then further processed the signal accordingly.
  • The modern units with auxiliary port provide now as Aux slot provides a corresponding "Chinch slot". Unlike the "Tuchel" is the use of "RCA connectors" still up to date and still common and compatible standard.

The auxiliary port is however thought generating no way to connect all audio or video signal electrical appliances. So an electric guitar for connection to an "Aux line in" for example, is unsuitable.

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