What is money laundering?

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What is money laundering?

Money laundering is punishable even in small amounts.

As money laundering obfuscating and concealing income illegally obtained is called. It gives the appearance that the income was obtained legally.

Money laundering is punishable by imprisonment of up to 10 years

Money laundering is an offense under Penal Code § 261st As money laundering criminal legislation referred to concealing and disguising the origin of income. This is linked to the thwarting or hindering the identification of the origin of money and assets. Under penalty also is the risk of finding, confiscation or to ensure illegal and related crimes acquired objects.

Money laundering is punishable by a prison sentence of three to five years. Depending on the severity of cases up to 10 years possible. Low offenses against the penal code punishes lawmakers with fines or imprisonment up to 2 years.

Criminal activities of individuals and organized groups

The wash of money in most cases comes from drug trafficking and cigarette smuggling and the red light district. Here laundering proceeds very easily. Equally simple is the police money launderers on the track.

  • When a cocaine dealer sells a kilograms of cocaine, it would be difficult for him to spend the profit derived from the normal. So he opened a pub or a restaurant. The consumption of drinks and entertainment to legalize profits from the cocaine trade.
  • For the police, there is a starting point, money launderers to come on the ropes. High profits from the bar can not be plausibly explained as the drug trade constitute the main occupation and the pub is not operated regularly.
  • If no guests are served, it can also be no sales. So the investigators begin to ask questions, where as in reality comes from the money in such large quantities. So one gets immediately suspected to operate criminal money laundering.

Conscious acceptance of illegal money is punishable

  • Money laundering is usually regarded as an act of organized economic crime. A misconception is, however, that money laundering is committed only by Mafia and other organized economic criminals.
  • A citizen already operates money laundering when he takes money in spite of the knowledge of its illegal origins. It is irrelevant whether to accept the money as payment for a service rendered.

The clearance rate of the police is good with money laundering. For it is only once for an examination of the personal or corporate finance, the German investigating authorities are usually able to find despite careful concealment.

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