What is Sky Welt? - A Brief Introduction

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What is Sky Welt?  - A Brief Introduction

Sky offers a wide range of channels.

Sky World - here you get a "basic package" with a variety transmitter

  • To Come sniff at Sky offers itself the starter pack. You will find a mixture of 21 different transmitters, with which you can enter a taste at a special low price to "pay TV".
  • So it is also with Sky Welt. Unlike the starter pack you have here, with up to 45 pay-TV channels, already a much richer TV channels. The exact number will depend on, among other things, how to Sky Welt received (dish provides, for example, 12 HD + stations for free).
  • The Sky World package can be completed alone for themselves. In addition, it automatically belongs to all the other packages that you can book individually to. The only exception in this case represents the starter pack, which can generally be booked solely for themselves.

To help you decide easier, you should also find out about the other available packages.

What additional packages you can book next to Sky world and what is contained therein

  • In addition to Sky World there is the film package, the sport package and the Bundesliga package. Here you have the choice of whether one, two or all three packages additional booking.
  • The film package offers 20 movie premieres every month, generally up to a year before the free TV premiere. If desired, you can also enjoy in HD or 3D (additionally bookable).
  • The Sport package is just right if you no longer want to miss a variety sports events. All games of the UEFA Champions League are here, just about how the 63 games of the DFB Cup. Of course also other live sporting events are shown, from Formula 1 to tennis to golf, wrestling is for each sport tastes.
  • The Bundesliga package is self-explanatory. Each game enjoy the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga live. Whether you are focusing on a team or enjoy the conference call to miss nothing exciting is up to you. Exclusive (!) Interviews belong here just as important as comprehensive background reports, summaries and analyzes by experts. If you missed your favorite game, you can look forward to repeating.
  • No separate package, but an option that refers to various broadcasts your selected packages, is the HD option. Along with the selectable packages you have it the largest HD selection in Germany. This includes Sky 3D.

A tip for last: Throw before booking a look at the price details of Sky. There are always different package deals that can save you money each month.

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